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1 - Published February 24, 2014 by in General

Welcome to’s all new Gear Zone, your source for lacrosse equipment reviews, news and information!

Here at LAS, we feel like it’s our duty to provide the most useful and meaningful experience possible for our readers. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop information source for all things related to lacrosse equipment, including the world’s first open database for gear.

Consider the Gear Zone our super section for lacrosse equipment. The Gear Zone can be accessed by clicking the “Gear” button in the top navigation menu of our website or accessed directly by typing “” into your browser. In the Gear Zone, you’ll find the game’s most relevant equipment news, gear reviews, beginner’s guides, and an easy-to-navigate lacrosse equipment database.

LAS members have the ability to add or edit equipment in the database with just a couple of clicks, and equipment photos can be contributed as well. Best of all, we’ve hooked the Gear Zone up with a 5-star rating system and user reviews. Sharing your two cents about a specific piece of lacrosse equipment you’ve used has never been easier, and now the whole online lacrosse community can benefit from your feedback first-hand!

Gear Zone lacrosse equipment database

Like most databases, this will be a constantly evolving project. What you see now is just the beginning.

To kick things off, we teamed up with LACROSSE.COM and took our time to make sure that nearly 500 of the hottest and most talked about pieces of lacrosse equipment were included. Now it’s up to LAS readers to help us fill in what’s missing! From vintage gear to your high school team’s new 2014 kit, men’s or women’s, we invite you to submit your equipment and help inform the lacrosse community with your own personal reviews of the gear you’ve used.

With launch of the Gear Zone, Lacrosse All Stars aims to provide a place where lacrosse enthusiasts can keep one another informed and discover the best gear-related content on the web.


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