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Treasures of eBay: Ojibwe Lacrosse Sticks

1 - Published February 2, 2014 by in Throwback

For years, eBay has been a source for diehard lacrosse fans to scoop up cheap lacrosse heads and extra special gear. But with thousands of lacrosse sticks, tons of gear direct from retailers, and not to mention a whole lot of lacrosse balls (AKA massage therapy balls!), finding the best stuff – the things you’d actually pull out your wallet for – can be a challenge. And that’s why we’ve decided to put the Treasures of eBay on display!

In our first post, we’re zeroing in on the coolest thing we’ve found lately – an entire set of 12 Ojibwe Native American lacrosse sticks! Now, don’t be fueled…these are not antiques. They were handcrafted in recent years as historical reproductions of the baaga’adowaan (lacrosse stick) with which the Ojibwe people played.

Ojibwe Lacrosse Sticks

A full set of 12 is currently going for $900 on eBay

Ojibwe Lacrosse Sticks

Could you imagine breaking this set out with your family and friends?!

From the seller:

This listing is for a set of 12 early Ojibwe traditional Native American lacrosse sticks. This will also include one 3 inch diameter ball. These are made individually, by hand, and are made to be used. Great craftsmanship. This style is very rare and one of the earliest designs. Selling individually for $99, so this is a great deal! These are made to order so I will contact you immediately after purchase to confirm and arrange shipment date. Please ask any other questions you may have and I will respond promptly. Thank you.

While having these sticks in your collection would be a real treat, chances to own a full set are slim! There’s only one available, and it’s going for $900 “Buy It Now.” Note, free shipping is included if that helps your pocket book.

The good news is that the seller is also offering single sticks at $89 each, too.

Ojibwe Lacrosse Stick

The attention to detail is so impressive on these sticks!

From the seller:

This is a handmade historical reproduction of the early Native American Ojibwe lacrosse stick. Made with white ash, dyed leather and rawhide it measures roughly 34 inches long. This design is very rare and historically accurate and made to be used. Very durable craftsmanship. If you are interested in multiple sticks please contact me. Made to order and will ship within a week. Please ask any other questions or contact me for more photos. Posted with eBay Mobile

These are the kind of eBay gems that make you thankful you have access to the internet. Oh, and a credit card. Am I right? Baaga’adowe!

Next time on the Treasures of eBay: baby’s traditional wooden lacrosse sticks. Want to share something you found? Drop us a line now!


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