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Treasures of eBay: National Pride

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Editor’s note: For years, eBay has been a source for diehard lacrosse fans to scoop up cheap lacrosse heads and extra special gear. But with thousands of lacrosse sticks, tons of gear direct from retailers, and a whole lot of lacrosse balls (AKA massage therapy balls!), finding the best stuff – the things you’d actually pull out your wallet for – can be challenging. That’s why we’ve decided to put the Treasures of eBay on display!
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In honor of the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship goin’ down in Denver starting on the 10th of July, we’ve discovered some of most patriotic national pride lacrosse gear floating around on eBay.

We hope to see some of you out in Denver this month rocking your throwback gear.

LE Warrior Valor Glove – Left Only


USA Training Shorts from Nike


Vintage Canadian Lacrosse Jacket


Iroquois Lacrosse Training Shirt


Old School USA Lacrosse Shorts


Throwback Canada Lacrosse Shorts


4.23.76 Cortland vs. Australian National Team @ Syracuse Exhibition Ticket


First person to find the missing right glove wins a prize!

Oh and if you win any of these, you’re welcome, I just made you the best dressed fan in Denver.

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