Traditional Thursday – Removable 6 Diamond, GTG Dye and CONTEST!

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Welcome back to #TraditionalThursday,

I’m taking over for Connor this week because our friend Kevin Henry, aka GopherLax5, hit us up on Instagram with a sweet new Grow The Game themed dye and string job that he was proud to show off. Not only did he want to show the world this head, he wants to give it away for FREE too! Before we get to how you can add it to your collection, let’s get a little background information first.

Kevin, a longterm and frequent reader of, was at a pickup game with Dan, aka darkstarlax, in which he summarized:

Dan and I were having a long discussion during pick up ball (we both play masters) about trying unique dyes that haven’t been done much. Everyone does fades/webbing dyes these days. Dan, just did an argyle dye and I thought it would be cool to try something LaxAllStars related.
I FB’d Connor to see if I should add something other than the logo and Grow The Game, he thought that was perfect. I chose to keep the design simple (as opposed to a lot of stars and Grow The Game decals everywhere).


LaxAllStars dye with 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket Contest from GopherLax5
The Brine Remix was chosen for the project, a head that is fairly easy to dye and has opportunity for a lot of customization. The face shape is flared like an old Blade and the plastic is super flexible. I haven’t taken a ton of face offs with this head but I’m starting to feel like it was really underrated.

As for the dye, all of the decals were laid out and he dyed the red first, making sure to mask the scoop to keep it red free. Next, Kevin masked another layer of decals over the scoop, to keep the red, before dying the rest blue.


The blue was nicely faded onto the white and the red was reintroduced on the throat with the Grow The Game and LAS Logo completely masked out.


LaxAllStars dye with 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket Contest from GopherLax5

Like the Clutch, the Remix has a ton of sidewall and top string holes for a ton of different stringing options. For this pocket, Kevin used the TearDrop top string with a removable 6 Diamond traditional pocket method.

He used tan leathers and navy cross-lace to keep the pocket from overshadowing the dye job which I think the pocket it one of the most eye-catching pieces about the head. The top string was done with thick navy lace while the sidewalls stayed white and the bottom string red to cap off the perfect USA/LAS theme dye.

LaxAllStars dye with 6 Diamond Traditional Pocket Contest from GopherLax5

The head is both NCAA and NFHS legal according to 2014 rules and so is the pocket, trust me I’m a ref!

This wand is freshly strung and barely snugged, which means your going to have to ball and butter knife it, mixed in with some wall ball, to get the depth just where you like it.


Like the head? Okay, well, it’s yours! Just follow these easy steps on Instagram for your chance to win.


  1. Like @LaxAllStars and @GopherLax5 on Instagram
  2. Upload a picture of your favorite stick in your collection (NO Regrams or Other People’s Sticks)
  3. Tag @LaxAllStars and @GopherLax5 in the photo
  4. In the post, tell us how you plan to use the head to help #GrowTheGame! (Hint: Using the #GrowTheGame hashtag never hurts!)

You guys have until Noon (12pm) Eastern time next Thursday, August 28th to submit your entires. Winners will be announced here on during the next #TraditionalThursday!

The winner will also take home a Gopher Lax t-shirt, so you can look fresh while breakin’ in your brand new head!

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Impressed by the work of GopherLax5? Well while your waiting for the fresh launch of, head over to his Instagram page or shoot him an email to find out about getting your own custom pocket and/or dye job done by Kevin in the future.


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