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TOLH: Superlight II by Brine Lacrosse

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The Superlight II or SL2, by Brine Lacrosse, is a superb old lacrosse head. It’s narrow, strings up nicely, and has some cool “extra” features to it. Like the D80, it doesn’t have holes at the bottom of the pocket area, and instead has circular holes for leathers or mesh down where the head connects […]

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The History of Multicolor Mesh: A Blue Collar Timeline

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I found out from Tim and Marc that they believed multicolor Marc Mesh was the spark that led to all of the multicolor lacrosse heads we see today. According to the two business partners, strung lacrosse sticks were only sold with solid-color mesh (usually white) and in solid-color heads until around 2010. By 2011, over […]

New Jersey Pride throwback vintage jersey

Treasures of eBay: New Jersey Pride Inaugural Jersey

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Editor’s note: For years, eBay has been a source for diehard lacrosse fans to scoop up cheap lacrosse heads and extra special gear. But with thousands of lacrosse sticks, tons of gear direct from retailers, and a whole lot of lacrosse balls (AKA massage therapy balls!), finding the best stuff – the things you’d actually pull out your wallet for […]

Treasures of eBay

Treasures of eBay: Ojibwe Lacrosse Sticks

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We scour the nether regions of eBay for the coolest lacrosse gear so you don’t have to. Welcome to the Treasures of eBay! First up: an entire set of 12 Ojibwe Native American lacrosse sticks.