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The waxed mesh game has exploded in recent years, and there are tens of (if not one hundred plus) companies out there making waxed mesh lacrosse product today. Marc Mesh is the undisputed original, and when their products hit the scene in 2008, the mesh game quickly changed from one of “soft” vs “hard” to something with a lot more nuance. You could now get a mesh that threw with the consistency of hard mesh, but had the feel of soft mesh… and the pocket world was never the same.

As with any successful evolution of product or revolution of technology, competitors began to pop up, and some even managed to eclipse Marc Mesh in terms of name recognition and popularity, especially amongst younger sets of players. Seeing how much of a difference these new companies were able to make in such short time frames, the guys at Marc Mesh decided to pick up their presence online, and now they have a vibrant Instagram account, and a YouTube page where more and more videos will start to pop up.

One of these recent videos showcases Marc Mesh being tested against one of their competitors, and it really does make for a compelling video. You can see the passion of the MM guys on display, and you can also tell they are trying to be as nice as possible to their competitors, while still promoting their product. It’s a tough balance to achieve, but I think they pull it off.

When it comes to waxed mesh, fancy mesh dyes, and truly changing the game, Marc Mesh is definitely the Original. I have used their products before, and while they can be a tad more expensive, there is a difference that I have noted in their product. Check out Marc Mesh’s great video below, where they set the waxed mesh record straight.

If you’re into mesh, you’ll be into this:

As someone who has been around lacrosse for a long time, I can tell you that Marc Mesh is the original, and it is a product that changed the game. The opinions expressed in this video are those of Marc Mesh, and Marc Mesh is not a partner of LaxAllStars, and we were not paid for this post. It’s just an honest take on an evolving waxed mesh market. We thought our readers would be keen on hearing more!

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