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Who Invented Marc Mesh and What’s a Pro Stringer?

0 - Published April 24, 2014 by in General

We’ve got the answers!

Blue Collar Lax just sent along their latest videos, the first one is with the creator of Marc Mesh, the man himself, Marc Leveille.

These guys are among the elite at what they do and not nearly as many guys in the mesh industry are as popular as Marc.

His name is literally in the product.

The second video is an interview with Marc’s son, Joel Leveille.

Joel is a very well known stick stringer who has crafted the pockets of professional lacrosse players for many years. Like they talk about in the video, Joel is welcomed in just about every locker room on the planet. This guy know pockets!

Take in the wisdom they have to offer, these guys are what some of you would call…OG’s

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