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I’ve seen “similar” products to the HeavyRacquet, but they haven’t seemed to really catch on. Baseball has been using a similar trick for years, it’s time for lax to get on board.

Although I’ve never used a real weight trainer for my lacrosse stick before (excluding the old sand in the shaft trick) I have spent quite a bit of time with the HeavyRacquet on all of my sticks for the past couple weeks. Just shy of having a radar gun to track results, I think I made the best use of the training tool.

What Is It?


The HeavyRaquet is one rubber piece of added weight, that when you put it over the shaft and snug against the base of your head, it adds a considerable amount of resistance to your throws, catches, ground balls and checks.

Originally designed for tennis, the shape is ideal for a racquet, but it fits really conveniently on a lacrosse stick too. It’s comparable to the idea of having donut rings on a baseball bat to help increase the speed of the swing. The goal is for your muscles will get comfortable to using a heavier stick, but when the weight is removed, you will be outworking your typical mechanics. In theory, this should increasing the power you can put behind your lacrosse motions.

It weighs roughly 7.3oz in hand, but when added to the head and you extend your arms, it feels like a whole lot more weight.

Does It Work?

When playing wall ball, I felt tired almost instantly. I was on the wall and picking up ground balls, one and two handed, and this thing was killing my elbow. Not in a way that felt detrimental, but it reminded me that I was weak and that I could find a way to get stronger. Ground balls felt like a chore and I was switching hands on the wall not to get reps, but to transfer some of the load to my other half for a few touches.

The HeavyRacquet does not require you to alter your form, but rather it challenges your muscles to work harder to maintain proper mechanics under added stress.


I played with the HeavyRacquet on the end of my short stick and my long pole, and when I took it off after a couple weeks of repeated wall ball, my arms felt like jelly. But, it did not take long to dial back in and I could tell an obvious improvement to my head speed. The amount of time it took me to get quick sticks off on the wall and to snap a shot was significantly less than before. I am not claiming to have a great shot, I am not an attackman, but I feel that I am in tune with my body and skill level and I could see a noticeable difference when it came to how fast I could get the shot off.

HeavyRacquet is the first one piece weighted training device for Tennis & Lacrosse players. Other sports such as golf and baseball have enjoyed the benefits of using weights to warm up and practice for years.

Feeling stronger than my stick was a weird sensation to get over but I compare it to when a long pole switches to a shorty for the first time in a long while. It took me no longer than a few repetitions to get the groove back and by the end of my first session without it, I felt like I was throwing missiles.

Where Do I Get It?

Right now, HeavyRacquet can be purchased on the company website for $16.95!


They come in Lime Green, Purple and Black.

It fits snug on the head and the rubber material will flex to fit any head. Since it’s all rubber, if the hits the trainer it’s no big deal!

I recommend the HeavyRacquet for any and all lacrosse players looking to build muscle strength and increase stick speed, it’s simple, easy and works as intended! I will be letting my box players use these to really develop quick hands.

Have any questions, comments or concerns about the HeavyRacquet? Feel free to post below!


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