TimberStix lacrosse wooden shafts

Gear Review: TimberStix Wooden Shafts

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Company: TimberStix / Product: Wooden Shafts / Price: $45.99

With the popularity and success of the Thompsons, folks are starting to get reconnected with some of the more old school, or Native is you will, roots of the game. It is certain that many never lost touch when it came to the Medicine Game, even if they stray from the wooden crosse for the new plastic heads.

One way the heritage of the game stays alive in a player’s equipment is by using a traditional pocket, or some sort of leather and lace combination.

The other is to use a wooden shaft, made from the Earth, by hand, connecting the game back to the land. I personally use both, a wooden shaft and different traditional style pockets for multiple reasons but I always can look at my crosse and know exactly where it came from. I promise there is nothing like discovering that feeling.

It feels good to know someone’s heart, sweat and tears went in to making the stick I use to play the game I love. You get that feeling when you first pick up a TimberStix shaft.

Unlike today’s metal and composite shafts, TimberStix wooden lacrosse sticks are light weight, strong, versatile and provide a rare connection with the sport. With a combination of all of those providing the highest performance shaft on the market. An amazing amount of power can be converted from the bending wood into a game winning goal or a menacing blow. The unique feel and tradition of a TimberStix shaft provides a unique balance of strength and weight.

I feel that is absolutely the truth when using one of Cortland Begor’s handmade beauties. These shafts are crafted on home soil in the United States from lumber from New Hampshire lumber yards. Head to their site to learn more about his process of making a shaft.

Appearance: +8.5

The crisp, clean and tasteful TimberStix logo is branded on one side of every shaft. Every shaft is unique since Cortland chooses his wood by hand and they have a rich, natural look to them.

TimberStix lacrosse wooden shafts

Grip: +8.5

What I like about wooden shafts are that they have a smoothness about them that can’t be duplicated with metal or synthetic materials.

They aren’t too slick and the feel of the wood in hand has qualities that almost can’t be explained.

TimberStix lacrosse wooden shafts

The shafts are hand sanded to remove any imperfections. The sticks are then finished with multiple coats of a natural color Danish oil sealant that penetrates and seals the wood deeply. The finish protects the wood from weather and is never sticky. It will hold up for a multiple seasons.

The rounded, but not too smooth, edges make it perfect for handling the ball with or without gloves.

Weight: +7.5

Although they are relatively light, and probably as light as they can be for a wooden shaft, I’m not sure many more advancements can be made in the strength vs. weight debate.

The fact that these shafts feel natural when I use them earns a 7.5, but I can’t compare the weight closely to most modern shafts which you can barely feel.

Durability: +10.0

You’re not going to break it, I promise. I didn’t beat up the one Cortland sent too bad because I knew I had bigger plans for it but I did hammer on the ends and noticed just as little sign of wear and tear as any.

Each stick is tested for superior strength. Although the shaft will bend slightly, they do not break easily. Any splinters that occur from blows to the stick can easily be fixed with a fine grit sand paper and a quick application of any wood sealant to the touched-up areas.

In the box or on the field you can’t go wrong with lumber between your hands.

Value: +9.0

Right around $45 is a great price point for wooden lacrosse shafts so this handle is a slam dunk. You get what you pay for, a long lasting, hand made product that gives you an unexplainable connection back to the game and the Earth.

Overall: 8.4/10

TimberStix lacrosse wooden shafts

I was actually so impressed by the craftsmanship of this product that I found it to be worthy as a gift for a young lacrosse gamer grower during the 2014 Native Youth Lacrosse Championship in Oregon this past Spring.

It was an honor to be able to gift one of TimberStix’s finest to a young lacrosse player with big dreams.

Like I’ve said before, there is nothing as satisfying as playing the Creator’s Game with a piece of lumber in your hands. Check out their Facebook page to keep up with TimberStix and head over to the website to pick one up today!

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