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WINNER – Gear Review & Contest: RipWood Wooden Shafts

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CompanyRipWood / ProductWooden Shafts / Price$39.99 – 79.99

Plenty of lacrosse enthusiasts manufacturer their own wooden lacrosse shafts. What makes them unique? What makes them valuable?

As far as wooden lacrosse shafts go, RipWood handles are a unique product with a great deal of value for the user. I prefer the feel of lumber in my hands to a metal shaft 99 out of 100 times. I believe wooden shafts are one of the last remaining threads keeping lacrosse connected to it’s roots in Mother Earth.

I have played with a good amount of wooden shafts, some great and some would be better off as kindling for the fire. None of the shafts that I have used combined the characteristics that make the RipWood product unique.

From the grip, to the finish, to the weight, Andy Deardorff’s RipWood Lacrosse stands apart from other all of the other wooden shaft craftsmen that I’ve dealt with.

Andy has a true passion for working with his hands and understands that you must give back more to the Earth than you have taken. I can stand behind that motto 100%.

Read more to find out why RipWood is unique and to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Appearance: +8.0

RipWood wooden lacrosse shafts

I like the RipWood logo, so I wish it would be a bit larger on the shaft. We have word from Andy himself that he has an awesome new laser engraver on the way so he will be able to offer just about any image etched into the shaft.

Something that sets Ripwood apart is the shine of the shaft. Not many wooden shafts are sold coated with a sealant. RipWood uses a water-proof coating that adds a shine to the shaft to help keep it element-proof and also helps absorb impact. The amount of knick and damage to the handle seems a bit less than the average wooden shaft after some solid use.

The coating also helps to make the wood grain pop, which is never a bad thing!

Grip: +8.0


Honestly, I’m torn on the grip. I have always been a fan of a smooth, rounded handle, which RipWood is not. RipWood goes the extra effort to make sure the sides of the shaft are concave for added grip, a love it or hate it feature.

When using the long pole with my bare hands, my palms and fingers felt a little sore after playing a little wall ball. Once I put gloves on, I noticed the specific grip made it much easier to handle the long pole, especially when getting checked or dodging. Sometime the weight of a long pole can make it hard to be confident when dodging, I feel like the concave grips makes it easier to have complete control over the shaft when changing hands or when using the full length of the stick.

I would recommend the grip for any defenseman that wants to leave huge bruises while playing confidently. The grip may be a turn-off for many offensive minded players who love a smooth shaft, but I recommend trying it for something different that also makes it easier to really feel and control the stick.

Weight: +7.5

RipWood shafts fall in to the lighter end of wooden products. Nothing notable sets them apart in the weight category, it’s a fine line to walk between weight and strength. The Ash that RipWood uses is of the highest quality when it comes to merging these two.

Durability: +10.0


Ash grows throughout the United States, but Northern Pennsylvania’s hardwood is special due to its molecular adhesion. Most woods will flex but after repeated stressors the tree will finally break. However, our local ash is different and not affected by this. The damage happens at the cellular level when the woodʼs basic components are damaged and ‘explode’ causing the wood to give up and break. Pennsylvanian ash has the molecular adhesion to stay together and create the finest wood lacrosse shafts available today. RipWoodʼs shafts stand as superior to any other wood shafts that exist in today’s marketplace. They will be a welcomed addition to your quiver of weapons.”

Makes sense to me, these shafts are most definitely strong. I wailed on the tree in park with the pole and never felt it flex and it barely, and I mean barely, got scratched. When I put my weight on the shaft, it does not even begin to flex. I haven’t found a way to break it yet, I’ll update the post when I do!

Value: +9.0


RipWood offers shafts dyed in a variety of colors and patterns, and like I said earlier, they are adding a new engraving machine to step up their custom game. Having customizable imagery and colors are one of the few details that RipWood uses to stand apart. Their price is very reasonable for wooden shafts, to bring a new shorty home for under 40 dollars or a deep pole for under 70 is a great deal.

Overall: 8.4/10

I would recommend these shafts to any lacrosse player, beginner to pro, to at least give a try. If you are looking for a more defined grip or want to use a wooden shaft, RipWood is a great option!

There is nothing as satisfying as playing the Creator’s Game with a piece of lumber in your hands.

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Each and every response to this contest was well thought out and deserving, but unfortunately we only have one shaft to give.

After selecting our favorite responses and sending them off to Andy Deardorff at RipWood we have a winner.

Congratulations (and the shaft) goes to ravenator!

Since 2008 I have worked as a camp counselor outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Over these last 6 years I have learned so much from the camp and the natural environment that I work in. I’ve also seen the kids learn and grow for the short time they are there. Over this last year I have fallen in love with the game of lacrosse. This summer I hope to combine these two passions by bringing lacrosse to the staff and youth of the camp. I believe that lacrosse has a lot to teach and with the combination of the camping environment the heritage of the game can really come alive for the kids. I believe this shaft would be a great teaching tool this summer to show the origins of the game.

Awesome work! Send us your mailing address and we will be sure to ship the shaft to you!

We hope you can use it to Grow The Game this summer!

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Originally posted April 19, 2014.

Contest Time!


Want to win the 30″ RipWood shaft featured in this post? Well…. You Can!

Here’s how:

1) Sign up for a free or paid membership on

2) Comment below telling us why you should win this RipWood shaft. We want to know:

How you can use lacrosse to give back to the Earth


Tell us about anything you do to keep the heritage of lacrosse alive


Contest entires are DUE by April 26th, 2014 at Midnight (11:59 pm pst). The LaxAllStars staff wil choose a Top 3, to send on to Andy Deardorff at RipWood to help choose the overall winner.

The Grand Prize winner will receive the attack length Ash shaft from RipWood. The two (2) runners up will receive a $25 gift card to


Andy Deardorff is a man that appreciates working with his hands and Andy also understands the importance of giving back more to the Earth than you take from it.

That’s why Andy claims to plant more trees than he cuts down. By using a wooden shaft you are connecting the sport back to it’s deeply planted roots.

You are using a piece of the land to honor the Creator, to play lacrosse to the best of your abilities while using a wooden stick is one of the most cherished and important parts about keeping the game’s true heritage around.

Lacrosse has a very rich history and for the game to really impact the lives of many, we must keep it firmly rooted in it’s natural history.

Check out the RipWood Facebook page to learn more!

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