Barrier wax lacrosse mesh review

Gear Review: Barrier Waxed Mesh

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CompanyBarrier Lacrosse Company / Product: Waxed Mesh / Price: $11.99

Spring lacrosse is here, and you know what they say about Spring… spring showers bring another waxed mesh company.

Kidding aside, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying out some of Barrier Waxed Mesh and so far I’m liking what I see.

Stringing: +8

Barrier wax lacrosse mesh review

Simply by looking at the packaging, you can tell that Barrier Waxed is a bit different than other waxed mesh pieces you may have seen on the market. Barrier Waxed is made using Long Island Beeswax, which gives the mesh a different feel and is just pretty cool.

The mesh feels harder than typical waxed mesh and takes a little bit longer to break in. I like to play with semi-hard mesh, partly for the way it strings. Barrier Waxed string a bit more like a piece of hard mesh so it takes a bit of a hit from my preferences.

Ball Control: +6

Barrier wax lacrosse mesh review

Barrier Waxed both strings and plays like hard mesh. While the mesh adds hold as it breaks in, I don’t feel like it grips the ball as much, if at all, as typical waxed mesh. If you are a player that likes to string a high pocket with low whip, this may be a great piece of mesh for you.

Durability: +9

Barrier wax lacrosse mesh review

Barrier Waxed really holds up in the elements. Spring in Portland can be a pocket nightmare, but my Barrier Waxed looks as clean and game ready as the day I strung it up.

The company claims,

With Barrier Waxed on your stick, there is no need to concern yourself with the elements, letting you concentrate on playing your hardest and improving your craft, regardless of weather conditions.”

I think their claim is legit.

Consistency: +9

Barrier wax lacrosse mesh review

I was surprised by how consistent Barrier Waxed was. We have had some pretty rainy days in the good old Pacific Northwest recently and my pocket is throwing like it did before I even left my house.

One day last week it was so wet I was able to squeeze water out of my shooters and yet the mesh held up.

Value: +8.5

Barrier wax lacrosse mesh review

Priced at $11.99 for a piece of Barrier Waxed in any color they offer, the mesh is the cheapest waxed mesh I have come across.

These days it is hard to find a piece of wax mesh for less than $15. Barrier Waxed delivers a pretty solid piece of waxed mesh, dyed or white, for at least $3 less than their competitors. I think if they figure out a way to add a little handle to the mesh I think it may be the most reasonably priced on the market.

Overall: +8.0/10

Barrier wax lacrosse mesh review

Barrier Waxed is the cheapest waxed mesh I have found. Not only can you pick any color, but this mesh will hold up and look pretty even in the soggiest of conditions. The mesh plays really hard and could benefit from a little more stickiness, the mesh is really worth the $12 if you are looking to test out some waxed mesh this Spring.



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