Father's Day Gift Guide for Lacrosse Dads

2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide

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It’s going to be hard to get your dad the gift he wants for Father’s Day if you don’t do a little research first.

Your father is sophisticated man. He’s a scholar, a gentleman, and an iconic figure in your life, no doubt. Important people like that don’t come around too often, so it never hurts to show them that you’re grateful to have them in your life. In this case, why not hook your dad up with a cool Father’s Day gift once in a while?

I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking about to getting him a tie. Don’t do it. Everybody gives ties. Unless it’s a lacrosse tie… in which case, we approve.

Your dad deserves something he’s actually going to use. Something that might even make his life a little better without him even noticing! By the way, did you know that most dads don’t even like golf? They just can’t get enough lacrosse!

Today, we present to you our solution for Father’s Day 2014 — a 3-step plan for treating your lacrosse dad right!

  1. Check out our 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide below
  2. Talk to the rest of the family about pitching in on a gift
  3. Hook dad up with a killer Father’s Day gift!

Click any “Learn more” button below and you’ll be taken directly to where you can buy the goods. Don’t worry about it being too late, either. All the items included below offer 3-day shipping or faster, so you can save the term “last minute” for Sunday morning. Here we go!

Everyday Essentials

There are a handful of items every lacrosse dad needs in his life, and these are a few of our favorites. Oh, and why a backstop, you ask? Well, let’s face it. Dad is probably paying for those broken windows and busted fences. It’d be quite thoughtful of you to provide a solution for the problem. Having the backstop to prevent you and your friends from bringing down the neighborhood with your lacrosse sticks might give him a little peace of mind!

Lacrosse Dad Attire

Whether he’s out on the town or watching a game from the recliner, your dad needs to look good. Here a few items that are sure to keep pops looking sharp.

Outdoor Gear Dads Will Love

Whether its fishing, running, biking, gardening or horse races, every father out there has an outdoor hobby of some sort. Below you’ll find a handful of unique items the entire LAS staff and I recommend.

When in doubt…

Still not sure what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Let dad call the play by hooking him up with a Gift Card to COMLAX!


Happy Father’s Day to Lacrosse Dads Worldwide!

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